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Super and Women

Women are continuing to retire with less superannuation than men. Lower average salaries than men and a period out of the workforce to raise children both contribute to this issue. This is not something that is easily fixed, but a greater awareness of the importance of looking after and contributing to your superannuation might help.

Some strategies to boost your super are:

  • find and consolidate your super into one account
  • take an interest in how your super is invested (it's your money!)
  • make sure you are not paying more fees than necessary
  • salary sacrifice - even just 2% more can make a big difference over the long term
  • ask your spouse to split their super contributions with you if you are out of the workforce raising the family
  • see if you can access the Government Co-Contribution
  • if you are self employed and not receiving the Super Guarantee Contribution from an employer - consider making regular personal concessional (tax deductible) contributions.

Please talk to us if you would like to assess the value of any of these strategies for you.

Investment Returns Update

Sector returns to 30th June 2020
1 year 3 Yrs, pa 5 Yrs,pa
Australian shares -8% 5% 6%
Global shares ($A hedged) 1% 6% 7%
Global shares ($A unhedged) 5% 11% 9%
Emerging markets ($A unhedged) -2% 6% 5%
Australian listed property -21% 2% 5%
Global Infrastructure ($A hedged) -5% 5% 7%
Australian fixed interest 4% 5% 5%
Global fixed interest 5% 5% 5%
Cash (Bank Bill Index) 1% 2% 2%