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Retirement Planning

The earlier you start saving for retirement, the easier it will be. Plus the right strategies can help you further increase your retirement savings nest egg, and allow you to achieve higher disposable income during retirement.

Our strategic pre-retirement investment advice covers the following topics.

  1. Transitioning to retirement

    The right strategies in the pre-retirement years can save you thousands of dollars. By reviewing and potentially restructuring existing investments, we enable a smooth and profitable transition into retirement.

    Our advice focuses on:

    • ways to reduce overall tax paid in the pre-retirement years
    • superannuation contribution strategies
    • managing the level of capital gain tax paid now and when you retire

    It’s also important to know how much you need to be able to comfortably retire. We help you work this out and make a plan to achieve it

  2. Selecting retirement products

    For many retirees, an account-based pension will be the best place to invest some or all of their assets in retirement. However, there are many of these products to choose from and for some people, a self-managed super fund will be most appropriate.

    For people with more than $1.6 million in super each, there’s also the question of where to invest the amount over $1.6million once you plan to retire.

    We recommend the most appropriate approach and product for you, based on your individual situation and lifestyle goals.

  3. Managing assets

    The investment management of our clients’ retirement funds is a key part of our role. The level and pattern of returns that retirees earn on their life savings has a significant impact on how long their pensions will last.

    We recommend investment allocations that depend on your risk tolerance. In general though, we believe that a diversified approach is necessary to unlink your investment return from any single asset market (e.g., the Australian share market). We are extremely thorough in our research of investment products and asset allocation; we are always on the lookout for new assets and investment approaches that make sense for our clients.